Assortment Kits

Assortment Kits

A kit is a mixture of assorted products that we have arranged in a box for your convenience. We take them right off the shelf! The total retail price will be displayed on the box and the discount of 60% will be taken from that price. We do not sell the prepackaged kits you would find at most stores because those are designed with a few good items and the rest are fillers and dead air space. Our kits are solid and they will give you a consistent bang for your buck with a show in a box that will leave you looking forward to the next one! The product comes right off our shelves!

Hooksett Fireworks Brown Box Assortment Kits

Are Being Built Right Now As New Product Arrives.

See What's in Kit No. 1

300 - 60% ($180) = $120.00 YOUR PRICE

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