Driving Directions

Don't get left behind......

"Your Father will buy so many fireworks he'll make you walk home!"

Set your GPS to 1407 Hooksett Road, Hooksett, NH 03106


Did you know New Hampshire is the most compact state in the country? There is more to do in this state per gallon of gas than anywhere else the the good ole USA. The money saved on $200 of tax free shopping will offset the increased price of gas!

Directions from Boston, MA

Take I-93 North to Hooksett Exit 9N.

You will automatically merge with traffic heading on Rte. 3 North.

Hooksett Fireworks will be 3.5 miles on the right. It's the big warehouse building behind the big brown barn.

Directions from Vermont

Go to the end of Interstate Rte 89 South and follow highway directions for Interstate Rte 93 South. Then follow directions below for "Directions from Northern NH".

Directions from Northern NH

Take I-93 South to the Hooksett Exit 11.  It's just before the major toll booths. 

This will take you down under the overpass to a small toll station.

Pay a 50 cent toll and take an immediate LEFT turn and go down to the bottom of a steep hill to a stop sign. Then, take a left.

Now, travel about a half mile to your first set of lights and take a RIGHT. The sign at that set of lights will say Hooksett Main St. Rte. 3 and 28 South.

Very soon you'll be going over a long bridge. As soon as you come to the end of this bridge, scoot over to your right hand lane and take an immediate RIGHT. 

Continue past the church and the Town Hall and travel until you come to a stop sign.

Go through this stop sign bearing RIGHT (it's your only choice) when you see there is no oncoming traffic from your left. You are now on Rte. 3 South.  

Now travel through two sets of traffic lights. Hooksett Fireworks will be on the left hand side immediately after that second set of lights. Go to the building in the rear.


 Directions from Maine



Take I-95 South to 101 West (Exit 2) & pay 50 cent toll.

Stay on 101 West for 29 miles to Exit 2 Auburn/Chester exit and take a right.

Travel 3 miles to the stop sign and take a right onto bypass 28. 

Continue North going through 4 sets of lights and then two blinking yellow lights.  


When you pass the Brickhouse Restaurant on the right, start watching for the big warehouse building behind the big brown barn, also on your right.