How to Use Reloadable Mortars

Reloadable Artillery Shell

Safety Instructions

  • This device is to be used no less than 150 feet from any occupied dwelling or spectator area.
  • Use only the launch tube supplied with your kit. NEVER TRY TO MAKE YOUR OWN LAUNCH TUBES USING ABS OR PVC PLASTIC PIPE.
  • Never use a damaged or wet launch tube.
  • Use launch tube on solid level ground. HDPE or Fiberglass tubes can be buried in a 5 gallon pail of sand or dirt ¾ buried.
  • Always make sure the area is clear of overhead obstructions.
  • Always keep artillery shells covered in box they are packaged in and away from spectator area when fired from launch tube area.
  • Never cut the string loop on the top of the shell that holds the fuse and keeps the shell in its proper upright loading position.
  • Always load the shell into the launch tube first before lighting the fuse. Never ignite the shell outside the launcher.
  • Never force the artillery shell down the launch tube. Shell should drop down launch tube freely, with fuse exposed from the top of the launch tube.
  • Never load and fire more than one shell at a time from the launch tube.
  • Clean debris from launch tube after each firing.
  • Never have any part of your body over the loaded launch tube when lighting the exposed fuse.
  • After lighting the shell that is loaded in the launch tube move at least 40’ from the launch area.
  • Always wait at least 2 minutes between reloading a new shell into an empty launch tube after firing.
  • If your kit comes with more than one launch tube, rotate the firing of each tube.
  • If shell fails to fire, never relight the fuse. Wait 20 minutes and then flood the tube with water. You can return the failed device back to us for an exchange or full refund.
  • Never experiment or take the shell apart.

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